Bring Your Melody Ideas To Life.

Sandbox is a Premium Synthesizer with a Built-in Chord Generator to help you Instantly create Beautiful Melodies

Thats Not All! Watch the Video Below
Built-In 'Harmony' to help you quickly create chords and progressions which means you can crush creative blocks with just 1 key
Over 8,253 Presets & Samples included inside 6 different modules so you can always find something that works no matter what kind of track you are making.
20 Built in FX Included (For Free) such as "Retro", "Detune", and "Vibe"... So you can customize your sound inside Sandbox which means you don't need to waste money paying for other effect plugins.
Customize and Modulate Everything! so you are never limited with how you create and can always get the sound you want! (You can even drag in your own sounds & recordings!)

Sandbox is a one of a Kind Synthesizer Instrument Plugin with a built in chord generator to help anyone create beautiful melodies.

Pick a Preset, turn on 'Harmony', and get Started on your next Masterpiece.

Stop wasting hours of your life clicking around making the same old melodies.

Just choose one of 1,200 presets included, choose a scale or key you like, and instantly start creating your best track yet.

So if you are:
❌ Sick of writers blocks
❌ Done Relying on Loops/Samples
❌ Tired of mindlessly clicking trying to create new melodies

✅ Choose one of thousands of presents included, pick a scale, and bring your ideas to life!

Hear The Possibilities

Sandbox includes 6 Complex Synth/Sample Modules with over 1,193 main presets in categories such as Keys, Bells, Pads, Bass, Evolution, Instruments, and More. That along with 20 Effects create quite powerful presets

Say goodbye to creative blocks

Sandbox comes with a built in 'Harmony' tool to allow to you quickly create melody progressions with just 1 key.

So if you don't know music theory or you are just sick of having writers blocks you will always have a new scale or key to try.

You can also use the Strum tool to humanize how each chord is played!

Finish More Tracks Faster

With 1,245 main presets and 8,253 Samples/Synth presets included in Sandbox you can easily find something that works for you no matter what kind of track you are making.

Creating & saving your own presets is a breeze!

Endless Inspiration.

Everything on sandbox is completely customizable and each effect and main control can be modulated, which means you are not limited to how and what you create.

You can even drag and drop in your own samples & recordings!

20 Brand New FX. Yours Free.

Sandbox comes with 20 Brand New effects right inside. Each effect comes with its own presets!
Every Effect can be Modulated! Here are just a FEW of our favorites...


Give you sounds a warm vinyl feeling with 25 noises, warp, wear, and "dropout".


Create a 'Trippy' feel to your tracks with this custom LFO effect

Bit Crusher

Crush your tracks and get an almost 'video game' type of sound with this efect


Get an insanely wide dynamic sound with this custom chorus.


A Wobbly Phaser to add to your effect chain


Create even more space and depth in your mix with dimension.

Frequently asked questions

Does Sandbox Work with My Music Software?

Yes! Sandbox works on any Music Software (DAW) that supports Vst, Vst3, or AU Plugins - All of them other than Pro Tools (coming soon!)

Is there a Return Policy?

Yes! If you are unhappy with the plugin for any reason, you have 30 Days to contact support for a Return

When will I receive the Plugin?

Instantly! After you make an account and enter payment info at checkout you will receive Sandbox directly to your email to download!

What are the Minimum Requirements?

Here are our recommended requirements:

- macOS 10.12+: AU / VST / VST3
- WIN 8.1 / 10: 64 bit VST / VST3
- 8GB RAM required, 16GB recommended.
- Processor: 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 or higher.
- At least 8gb of Storage

How does Rent to Own work?

Sandbox has a "Rent to Own" option at checkout that lets you make small payments every month so you don't have to pay the lump some at once. You can cancel at any time